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Help for Automotive Dealership Businesses: Claims Management & Saving Money 
“Insurance Claims: Issues & Answers for Automotive Dealers” by Jimmie Robertson, Jr., President, IGO Insurance Agency, Inc.

As a business owner, there’s never too much you can do, and never a bad time to have, attention paid to workplace safety. In fact, if it also so happens that you’re experiencing an uptick in the number of insurance claims, it’s time for an aggressive approach to managing safety. 
* First, review where the claims are coming from: Are the claims mostly from customers or from your employees? You may be surprised by the answer if you haven’t looked asked that question in the past. Focus a safety procedure review accordingly. Interested in learning more about customized employee handbooks and employee safety reviews? Click here for IGO HR Services.

Here’s a starter checklist: 
* Test drives: Always, without fail:
+ Get the customer’s identification before the test drive takes place
+ Have the customer sign a test driving agreement
+ Have a salesman be in the car during the test drive

* Limit access to the lot: Only those who should be on the lot, need to be. Make sure those rules are enforced.

* Utilize security cameras: On-premises alarm systems and good lighting are a start. Security cameras are also good for two purposes: 1) to ensure your lot and building is being watched at all times. 2) for managing employee losses on workers’ compensation. 

And if you also offer repairs and service:

* Limit, if not eliminate overnight extensions: While customers may appreciate the ability to leave the vehicle overnight, there are just too many things that could go wrong. Additionally, access issues go hand-in-hand with the overnight extensions issues: The more open the lot is at hours outside of your operating hours, the greater the security risk.

* If you are going to maintain overnight extensions: Review and reconsider how vehicles come into your possession and how are they kept overnight.

Interested in Automotive Dealers Insurance? Have questions about claims management? Contact IGO Insurance Agency, Inc.

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