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**NOTE: Limits, conditions, and requirements for insurance can vary, depending on several factors. Below are general definitions of coverages. For more information about what kind of insurance is right for your business, please speak with one of our helpful IGO Insurance Representatives.**

General liability: This insurance is necessary for any business that welcomes the public onto its property. This provides coverage for property damage or personal injuries suffered by third-parties while they are in your place of business. This is particularly important when dealing with children as they have a tendency to get injured. In most cases, the injuries will be minor, but if an injury is severe enough to require medical attention, your facility may be liable for the expenses.
Premises liability: This provides coverage for the area surrounding your daycare facility including the parking lot and play areas. If anyone is injured due to your failure to properly maintain a safe environment, your business may be held liable for any ensuing medical bills or property damage.
Professional liability: This insurance covers your teachers and childcare workers. If your business is sued because a member of your staff has shown negligence or indifference to the children’s needs and safety, your business can be sued. Lawsuits can spring from mental, physical or emotional abuse of the children.
Commercial vehicle liability: This is required if your daycare business has company owned vehicles that are used to transport children to and from schools.
Non-owned or for hire auto liability: If you or any of your workers are likely to be driving children in privately owned vehicles for the purposes of field-trips or other outings, your business can be held liable for injuries or property damage if the driver is in an accident. This insurance covers privately owned vehicles when they are being used for company business.
Corporal punishment liability: If one of your employees strikes a child or is accused of administering corporal punishment, your business can be held liable.  This insurance option provides financial protection if you face a claim.
Abuse and molestation liability: If an employee of your daycare turns out to be sexually or otherwise abusive, your business can be liable for extremely expensive fines and medical payments. This insurance coverage will protect your business from severe financial losses.
Umbrella liability protection: This coverage provides additional liability protection beyond the limits of your insurance policy's liability limits. Larger daycare facilities may benefit from this added coverage.
Building coverage: This provides coverage for damages to the structure of the building in which your business is housed.  It provides compensation for damages caused by fire, severe weather, falling objects and property crimes. Additional insurance may be necessary for damages caused by such things as floods and earthquakes.
-If you rent your business space, you will not need this insurance coverage.
-If you own a daycare building, you will want to be certain that you protect your investment with this insurance.
Contents coverage: This provides coverage for damages to indoor items you use for childcare purposes. This can include cribs, toys, books, sound systems, and electronics. If any of your business property is lost or damaged by fire, extreme weather, vandalism or theft, you may be able to receive reimbursement for your loss.
Outdoor equipment coverage:  Most daycare establishments include outdoor equipment such as swing-sets, sandboxes and sports equipment. In many cases coverage for loss or damage to this property will be included in your contents coverage, but some insurers will require you to purchase a separate endorsement for outdoor equipment.
Field trip insurance: This provides liability and property damage coverage while you are providing childcare services off-site.
Special events liability coverage: If your facility hosts a special event such as a holiday party, a fundraiser or a pageant, this one-time insurance policy can provide liability protection during the event.
Lost income insurance: If your facility is forced to temporally close its doors because of a covered event, this insurance will provide a continuation of income so that you can continue paying employee salaries and monthly expenses until your business is able to reopen.
Workers compensation: This provides medical coverage for your employees if they are injured on the job. Every state has its own laws pertaining to workers compensation insurance, so you will need to make certain your daycare business is compliant. Many daycare insurance companies allow you to purchase this coverage as an addendum to your policy.
Cyber Liability/ Computer fraud /Identity theft
Crisis response
Key employee replacement coverage
Management liability
Medical payments to children
School board legal liability
Social services professional liability

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